Hard rejected professional production - why ?

Dear friends,

I would like get some feedback from you about my request.I really dont understand why my 2 tracks:
Fashion and Hardstyle was hardrejected.
The sound-desing is on high level and each track has professional recording,mixing,mastering.

Please can you take a listen of these tracks and tell me why they cannot be accepted ???


I was searching on audiojungle: Trance, hardstyle I found 2 tracks which are with sound quality not very well done but they was accepted…

Hardstyle track which was accepted:

Trance track which was accepted:

Whats is better on these tracks that they can be accepted ?

Each time i have problems with this for example i upload almost 4 simillar tracks based on the same tempo style and 3 are hard rejected and one is accepted…

please give me your advices guys thank you so much…

P.S. I have held item for 3 months and nothing happed I contacted support and I still got the same message that i need to wait…

Thank you so much for your advices guys !