Hard rejected positive rock ... any thoughts ?


This track was hard rejected. Your thoughts about. Thanx in advance for your advices.


Now i’m totally confused, i listened to it like 4 times already and cannot find anything. No really, i just can’t. Even cymbals with those long tails seems to be in place. Sound nice, deserved a featured item, not a reject. :smiley:
Just resend it i’d say, maybe that was not your lucky day :stuck_out_tongue:
Lucks on you!


Hello friend,
Something i can tell you are :

  1. Your track need more tight and punch drum.
  2. Your chord progression is too much. You can use 3-4 beautiful chords then changing chord progression in the chorus if you want. In my opinion 3-4 chords are is enough.
  3. Between Verse and Chorus the gap ( maybe you add more measures? ) is too much. It make my feeling fall down right there.
    Your sound is professional brother. But please make it simpler and more contrast. Hope it help.
    Merry Christmas.


Thank you for your time, guys. And Merry Christmas !
By the way.This one was rejected too.Yesterday. What do you think about?