Hard rejected positive rock ... any thoughts ?

This track was hard rejected. Your thoughts about. Thanx in advance for your advices.

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Now i’m totally confused, i listened to it like 4 times already and cannot find anything. No really, i just can’t. Even cymbals with those long tails seems to be in place. Sound nice, deserved a featured item, not a reject. :smiley:
Just resend it i’d say, maybe that was not your lucky day :stuck_out_tongue:
Lucks on you!

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Hello friend,
Something i can tell you are :

  1. Your track need more tight and punch drum.
  2. Your chord progression is too much. You can use 3-4 beautiful chords then changing chord progression in the chorus if you want. In my opinion 3-4 chords are is enough.
  3. Between Verse and Chorus the gap ( maybe you add more measures? ) is too much. It make my feeling fall down right there.
    Your sound is professional brother. But please make it simpler and more contrast. Hope it help.
    Merry Christmas.
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Thank you for your time, guys. And Merry Christmas !
By the way.This one was rejected too.Yesterday. What do you think about?