Hard rejected. Pls help!


My track was hard rejected. I don’t know why. Please help me!



well there are a good number of issues here from the quality of the sounds you are using, the mixing, and the composition itself. The track is pretty short and you have three musical themes so overall it feels a little disjointed. In terms of the mix and the quality of the sounds it needs a lot of work. I would check out the “childrens” category on AJ and listen to some of the bestsellers to compare what they are doing and the quality. http://audiojungle.net/search?utf8=✓&term=&referrer=search&view=list&sort=sales&date=&category=music%2Fchildren-s&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&length_min=&length_max=&tempo=
Not saying you have to do things just like them but that will just help you get a better idea of some things you need to improve. Best of Luck to you!