Hard rejected , Please tell me whats wrong with this

This is our first submission on themeforest but this got a hard rejection with no comments
please help us to understand why is that and the things we have to do in future to overcome this situation .
http://demo.sevensigns.lk/seventhemes/eventae/Our theme link

+the header in phone seems cluttered and there’s no navbar.
+this section needs more styling and contrast.

+the contact section needs more styling.
+the icon, contact/register links and buttons styles are too basic.
+there is spacing and alignment issues in this section on phone.

+the template is little bit short, no extra pages.
+you have 4 demo pages and the only difference between them is the color which you could just add a plugin to change the colors automatically.
+some sections need to be improved typography-wise.

good luck.