Hard rejected please help me for improve item quality

I’ve recently received a fifth rejection for my portfolio theme, and I’m eager to enhance it. However, it’s proving challenging to identify specific areas in need of improvement since I haven’t received detailed feedback.
This is the Preview

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Crowded space with thousands of other premium and free alternatives that offer a more modern design and execution

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You need to improved your design. Some section has readability problems. See the service section when hover Also you have console error and w3 validator error. If possible make it multipage.
Best of luck…

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Thank you , How can i improve my design ?

Thank u , Any advices ?

With respect something like this will never be approved as it is easy to find free things that are similar or even offer more.

You’d be better off starting a fresh and more feature rich item

You also need to look at successful items in particular the attention to detail and versatility they offer

For example consider this Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template by SemiColonWeb | ThemeForest then look at what you are submitting

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Make sure it meets their guidelines and quality standards. Review the template thoroughly for any bugs or design issues, and test it across different browsers and devices to ensure compatibility. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and licenses for any third-party assets used in your template. Even we got approval for this template after many attempts.

Even our template got rejected many times. Here’s the link: bitrixinfotechpvtltd's profile on CodeCanyon

Focus on addressing those issues, whether they relate to design, code quality, or functionality.

Consider conducting a thorough review of your template, comparing it to successful ones in the marketplace, and making necessary improvements to stand out.

Lastly, engage with the web development community for additional insights and constructive critiques to refine your template further before resubmission.