Hard rejected please help me find out the issues with the theme.

My theme got rejected but I am not sure what is lacking in my theme. So need help from some pro authors here so that I can improve the theme. You can see demo here: xPression

Your theme looks good, but Envato recently has some high, not clear requirements. As for my personal conjecture, your theme seems too simple. Work on making the impression that it is extensive.

Thank you for your feedback.

Which category you choose to submit in ? Blog or News ?


I think you need to focus more on typo and spacing examples:

1 - Heading and paragraph lacks contract and feels little messy
2 - Paragraph font size needs more work
3 - Read more button is so big
3 - You need more work on alignment
4 - You have major problem with spacing examples: space after posts, posts heading and that green line space after paragraph you simply need to re think of your spacing again

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Thank you for your great feedback. Surely will improve on the mentioned points.