Hard Rejected - Please give me some insight into how things work around here


I have no idea how things work around here. This is my very first project here in envato market. Please help me.

We(My Designer friend and I) tried to create a unique coming soon template and ended with this one. We also created a unique JS plugin for the template. Check the preview here

We submitted the template to themeforest around 20th August I believe. It got hard rejected on 28th August with this message.

"Unfortunately this item doesn’t offer enough flexibility for a Coming Soon template on ThemeForest. Functionally speaking - this is more along the lines of a custom slideshow/presentation which might be better suited for CodeCanyon."

I then made some changes to the code and added few options to the plugin and submitted it to Codecanyon today. The plugin is made flexible and customizable and well documented. It got hard rejected “few minutes before” with this message.

"This item is better suited for ThemeForest - Site Templates - Specialty Pages - Coming Soon. Please resubmit this item to ThemeForest. Should it not be accepted on ThemeForest, you can make modifications to this item to make it less of a “Coming Soon” template and more of a presentation / teaser plugin and resubmit it to CodeCanyon."

I really have no idea what to do next. Looks like a dead end for me.



Actually what the reviewer is saying to you should be followed… He is telling you where to submit to. All you have to do is to go ahead and change the category to the suggested one and resubmit… put notes to the reviewer and resubmit to the suggested category…



Hi svencreations,
Your item was a rather interesting one as it could technically fit on either CodeCanyon or ThemeForest - so definitely not a dead end for you. In your case you actually have the flexibility at this point to opt for CodeCanyon or ThemeForest. Both markets have their own selling strong points and advantages specific to your item.

If you’d like to sell it as a Coming Soon template (which it is currently leaning towards and marketed as) you’ll need to submit it to ThemeForest and meet ThemeForest review requirements.

If you’d like to sell it on CodeCanyon you’ll need to turn it into more of a tool - like a presentation/teaser plugin, most likely settings driven.

When deciding, consider things such as potential for Extended License sales of a presentation plugin on CC vs a Coming Soon template on TF, visibility, pricing (you can get a rough idea by looking at similar items), market competition, etc


Hi svencreations,

@Crusader12 & @Kreativeme is right, but I w’d like to say that, if you think that this is your coming soon template then your concept is very nice & the design w’d be very perfect for themeforest, if you add something awesome like a “count down timer”, a “popup subscriber” & some pages with some features & services.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: