Hard rejected, please advise.

The item was hard rejected, please advise.



It looks like a good clean and sleek design. The Scroll bar’s looks too standard for me. Can you add some catchy and Fancy scroll bars to it.

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Hello friend,
Nice one, on mac i can’t see the scrollbar,
Thats why i missed it .

Thanks a lot for your feedbak, really apprieciated

You are welcome, Mate ! :slight_smile:

Fixed the scrollbar issue,
Would be glad to get more thoughts :slight_smile:

Please fixed scrollbar in navigation in 1366px resolution, you can see in navigation scrollbar in 1366px resolution. please fixed it.

Hi thanks mate,

I think I fixed it, Let me know if that’s what you meant.

this page is broken on mobile screen

+the active icon needs some margin bottom


  • low contrast, i can barely see the text

  • fix the text

  • bad fonts and typography overall

good luck hope you get accepted next time

best regards.

Thanks a lot mate,

Indeed very good points.