Hard-rejected or bug status?

I’ve been trying to download my app for over a week now, but I can’t figure out how the verification works. At first, after loading, an item with the status “in the queue for reverification” appears on the dashboard page, then disappears after a while. After the first upload, I received a letter after three days that the application was hard-rejected.

After that I added more description, made changes to the code by optimizing and removing everything unnecessary, made a video, made detailed documentation and tried to upload again. After 20 minutes, the item disappears again and I no longer receive any letters in the mail. Why so? Wrote a ticket in support, silence too.

The application has a modern design, works on all devices, does not use materials that require an additional license.

Application: https://logistix.citrum.com.ua
(on the login page you can choose a role and log in)

Documentation: https://logistix.citrum.com.ua/doc/index.html

Please tell me what could be wrong?

If there’s nothing under your account at “Hidden items” it’s hard-rejected.
About the email, your configuration may have changed, double check the email notifications on your account, too

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, I checked my mail settings several times.

I also tried from another account that has Gmail and everything is the same. This account is much older, this time the item was displayed with a status in the queue for more than an hour and also disappeared. Nothing came in the mail. The account is completely filled.

Is it possible that CC refuses me because I am from Ukraine? I made all the profile settings and checked everything…

I am sure that there is a demand for my application and I planned to sell it to already interested people through CC in order to get a lot of feedback. Among competitors, there is only one application that is weaker in everything and has a lot of sales.

Why so? I am finishing 4 more applications in interesting directions and wanted to sell here, but the platform rejects requests for no reason even in support…

It’s not related that you’re from Ukraine, there’re Elite authors who’s been selling items for long time those located in Ukraine. It’s about the features, design and other requirements.

Your item looks unfinished.