Hard Rejected on Codecanyon for WordPress Plugin Submission

Hello there,

We had submitted a plugin named Floating Side Tab Plugin for WordPress and it got hard rejected just few minutes after the submission. Can someone point to us what are the exact reason for being hard rejected because this is the first time we had faced a hard rejection and we already are selling many items from envato from last 4 years. Has any rules been changed lately regarding the submision?

Here is the demo URL of the plugin.



What was the last time you have submitted any item?

We had submitted our last item around 1 year ago. It is a bit strange that we had worked more on the current submitted item than our previous 2 items which got selected but this one got hard rejected :frowning:

I checked the item, to be honest, it doesn’t require a plugin to achieve what you’re offering with the plugin, apart from that, the execution is weak and the design ( pop-up ) lacks of details.

I don’t think you’d be able to get any approval with this “idea”, you better find something unique

Personally, I think the plugin and idea are good, the problem is the overall design and especially the UI, hire a good designer to help you and I believe this will be approved.