Hard Rejected! not up to standards?

Hi All,
Some ideas would be helpful. I made this AE project but it got hard rejected. Saying it looks outdated and not up to standards. Any help on how to make it better would be great.

password: hockey

hi, i think that’s a great video but that it will be hard for you to make it here unless u have a real effort with typo and typo associations and i really think that having a style on fonts would help much too …

I love you video nice job :slight_smile:

I’ll work on making the typo better and try again.

my opinion
"improve typography" will not be enough. you need to work with camera (those movements are bad), add much more details, white text with this render settings looks cheap, add lights\projectors and light flares, whete is the roof? black top is bad, that light blink effect and sound is bad. try to find another solution. animation must be more difficult and impressive.

do your best! I hope my criticism will be helpful =)