Hard Rejected, needs your suggestion

I uploaded a SaaS project 2 days ago, and just now I get a Hard Rejection mail from envato.

It takes more than a year to build this. I already make 2 project for CodeCanyon for my partner team (another acount), both were accepted and live on CodeCanyon.

But I don’t know why my project got rejected. All my codes are clean. I maintain PSR, PHPDoc, no js error, no w3 error.

My project has many more feature than other item on the market.

It takes more than a year to build this project.

I need your suggestion to improve this project.

Front Page Link: https://url.talhaf.com

Admin Login: https://url.talhaf.com/login

Super Admin:
Email: admin@example.com
Password: 12345678

Organization Admin:
Email: organization@example.com
Password: 12345678

Organization Staff :
Email: staff@example.com
Password: 12345678

(Some feature disable on demo mode)

Recently the codecanyon doing unwanted behaviour, i Have got 4 hard rejection, one of mine was Saas, i maintained all but without any reason give hard reject

Just resubmit your code if there is some other reviewer they will accept your code.
keep doing this untill you are frustrated or they are frustrated.

My tool also got hard reject and I keep submiting them again and again.
Even i submited same item with two different title (with same images, file , preview) and they both got approved together.

So this is the lever of codecanyon :slight_smile:

Regarding your project:
It seems like they may have replied you alot of “similar item and rejected”

Please don’t resubmit hard rejected items, resubmission may cause to revoke upload rights.

Thank you

Reviewer did not visit my demo, then what should I do then?
This is my 2nd item. My first SaaS item also got hard rejected 1 month ago, reviewer didn’t visit that demo too.

I’ve previous experienced with CodeCanyon. I created 2 project for my partner account, both were approved and live now on CodeCanyon.
Both project are low quality, but reviewer approved both, because that account has 4 author level.

They approved my low quality item, and they reject my good quality project without visit the demo, because this account is new?

Thank you. My item is not similar. My item has a lot of feature that other item don’t has. Also my SaaS model is different than other project on CodeCanyon market.

Reviewer didn’t visit my demo, but they reject it.

Envato high-quality products.

  • Premium design
  • Quality code, good app performance, bug-free, latest technology
  • Unique project concept
    Thank you

Thank you for your response.
I have all the three. My template is premium quality.
My codes are clean, well documented and I also maintain PSR.
There are a lot of unique feature I added, on my script.
I already 2 item approved on my partner account