[Hard Rejected] Need your help to approve it. Thanks!


Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

I’m a new member on Envato Market. Unfortunately, I has been twice rejected. :frowning:
Here is information of second time, please let me know some problems in my item:

- Title: Block Contact Us with Map and reCAPTCHA
- Demo: http://envato.somee.com/envato%20-%20contact%20us/index.html
- Category: Themeforest > HTML > Specialty Pages > Miscellaneous
- Description: Block Contact Us with Map and reCAPTCHA is a fully responsive as well as support Map and reCAPTCHA. Easy to integrate into your existing contact us page.


  • Clean, Neat and Simple design
  • Easy to integrate into your existing website
  • Compatible with all browsers (IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome)
  • Font Awesome
  • Fully responsive
  • Powerful shortcodes
  • Extremely easy to setup

Credits and Sources

v. 1.0 – 15 September 2015

  • initial release

Thank you!
- Tags: block, browser, clean, compatibility, contact us, css, html, map, modern, neat, page, recaptcha, responsive, simple

Please help me review,
Thanks and best regards!


Good Job.
1- It doesn’t feel premium item, I suggest to add more features and fill some tools or graphics in header and footer area and don’t leave it blank.
2- Try to Validate your HTML code.
3- Some minor bugs in responsive mood seen, Try to add some padding and margin in order to display form correctly.
4- Validation error pops up with alert and this is a kind of old shcool I suggest to use ajax methood instead.
5- Add some unique style to form fields and consider that your “Send” button doesn’t have any relevant design with form fields.

Good Luck


Hi yazdanimahdi,
Thanks you very much, your opinions really useful with me for my next item. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Currently, another my item has been soft rejected.
Here is message from reviewer: “Please check your demo URL and resubmit”.
About 2 days ago, I updated field “Demo URL” and press button “Save Changes” but I don’t receive any next response.
Do I need re-upload files and press button “Submit Files for Review”?

Please advise, thanks and best regards!


Hi, Yes. You’ll need to re-submit all the files. Thanks


we can’t see it.


Hi gatelogix,

Thanks you very much. I will do it now :grinning:


404 error :disappointed_relieved: