Hard-rejected, need some advice

Sooo… What is wrong? I’ve tried to watch some videoclip with that track, as someone here on forum suggested, and it fits fine to me. Is it arrangement or mixing? Maybe cutting something is a solution?

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First off, don’t feel discouraged, the track really isn’t that bad.

With that being said though, i feel the main problem is how commercial the track is. Yes, this track could work great in a specific TV show for example, but key word there is specific. It is composed well for that purpose but could not be used on a commercial level I think. Also, at parts the track has a bit of dissonance. In some of the Audiojungle guidelines, it talks about how they don’t want tracks with a lot of that as that can kick down the commercial viability a few notches.

Hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, @AaronWildeMusic. So, maybe I’ve got to cut dissonance pieces and pauses, and rearrange track? Or it’s all pointless and I have to move on, to the next track?

In all honesty, I would say cut your losses and move on to the next track with those things in mind. Try to think about how commercial your track is when you make it, thats the difference in making music for Audiojungle. I have freelanced for projects myself and made music I thought was awesome but it would never be very good on Audiojungle because it’s too specific, I hope that makes sense!

Another thing is, some of the best authors still get hard rejected, sometimes I do aswell but i think it’s when you keep pushing forwards that really counts in the long run. :slight_smile:

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Great work!)
I think, that the reason is that the format of this track is not suitable for audiojungle!
Your work is very interesting)

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I’d recommend to try to post it on some more soundtrack’ish (lol) and unique songs oriented audiostocks. Cause that’s sound rly cool.

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This track is cool. It can use for discovery video, science video, or soundtrack.

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Thanks, @FireLast ! Can you suggest some of those audiostocks, or it’s prohibited to mention such an information here?) I really don’t know what kind of stocks fits my music. PM to me anyone who can give word of advice on that matter.

Sorry it’s against the rules, just search for it online there is plenty, check some of them that don’t look completely dead lol

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I don t like the bass, is my opinion but I think the track is cool, with a less distorted bass I think they would have accepted it, piano is interesting, drum works, the only thing get me out of the composition is indeed the bass

Hmm, I’ll give it a try, thanks for advice, @matvlato!

Anyway listening to this I think you will have some good sell soon, I would leave this track and start from scratch a new one cause hard rejection usually won’t be accepted after just few little changes, just do another one and keep this for other projects out of this market

That was my first thought) However I can’t tell that “too distorted bass” is a reason for hard-reject or a soft one. Does anybody have experience in such matters?)

All my hard rejection weren’t motivated by a proper feedback but by an automatic response, instead soft rejection were about little things like too many second of silence, editing, wrong format, stuff like that