[Hard-rejected] Need help on my WP Theme!


Hey all,

I have uploaded a new WordPress Theme, which got hard-rejected.
This is my 2nd wp-theme… my first one, which had more issues, got soft-rejected.

The one I recently added worked fine, the themechecker plugin showed that the required stuff was also fine, but this one got hard-rejected…

The theme’s name is “OpenSea”

How can I put a link of the theme to ask for advice?

Thanks !


Just share the link to your demo site from the submission


In that case, I’m screwed. I did not got an email. And no, also not in my spamfolder. My email settings on the site are correct.

I’ll ask the helpdesk.


But you must have your own live demo site to be able to submit a theme?

Envato don’t host these demos for you… If you didn’t include this then you would be rejected without the reviewer even looking at the theme files.

It’s a field on the submission form: