Hard rejected, need advice on this

hello guys, this track got hard rejected, and I would like to hear your opinions and what I have to improve

thanks in advance!

Hi Musca! I’m pretty sure I know what a reviewer was thinking when this was rejected. It’s not that this sounds bad or was recorded poorly and it’s definitely not that it’s not creative because it is. The issue is really usability for a library like audiojungle. You have to ask yourself where do you hear music like this in commercials, youtube videos, and other media that needs stock music. The answer is not really anywhere. You sound like an artist who’s doing a world fusion/jazz fusion type thing and you have your own sound and that’s really great. For library music though you have to think more usability for a customer. It’s not that you can’t be unique and have your own sound but you do need to just listen more to the type of stuff that people really use a lot. I do think if this track was mixed really really well it still might be accepted here. It does have some mixing improvement that could be done but you still wouldn’t see a lot of licenses for a track like this either way. You definitely are musically talented to keep it up and adapt to the market just a bit and you’ll be fine.


That’s a problem, yes…

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I’m new to AudioJungle, the track is very good, but here are many commercial tracks, may AudioJungle not want this kind of tracks …

The track sounds good, but the acoustic guitar sounds a bit “MIDI”

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tnx so much guys. i tought that it may be a problem about that aragment, but do you think I could use some parts of that song and rearange it?