Hard rejected. My track was rejected.


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Hi there, off the top of my head, maybe the drums don’t match the cadence of the music? I guess you used looped drums? That could make it hard to match the peaks up. Maybe everything is in sync but l’m just trying too hard to find an issue. It still sounds alright.

Also l think there should be a heavier bassdrum, maybe just use the intermittent heavy kick as the bdrum too.

Btw l didn’t realise monkeys also faked football injuries just to get someone sent off! What animals!

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I like the track. I would consider removing the strings from 00:00 to 00:22 and maybe replace them with some subtle percussion or another intrument, because the strings sounds a little to midi alone. Later in the track I don´t mind the “midi” sound. I also don´t mind the drums, sounds good to me. Another thing I would consider removing is the “grass hopper” sound in the beginning, sounds a bit to creepy I think.

This track could also easily be transformed to a more spaghetti western type of track. Imagine it with some low baritone guitar notes, trumpet etc. Just a possibility, definitely works as it is for those optimistic heroic scenes etc.

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Agree on the Spaghetti Western comment. Love that feel.

Sounded alright to me.