Hard Rejected (MockUp)

Dear all,
I’m very grateful to all. I want to know something about
product mock up. I mean, if I download high resolution picture of iPhone
7 from google search engine for the purposing to upload product mock up
category in graphicriver.net.
So, is it any change to get hard rejected for choosing a free photo to make mock up.

That says that is free does not mean it is free of charge.
Check carefully the license to use the image. Whether it be for commercial use.
It is better such elements to be with high-resolution.
It is recommended that the products in Envato to be innovative, different and It’s advisable not to download from the Internet, even if they are for commercial use. That’s the main reason for massive hard rejections. Think like a buyer. What you want? What you do not want to be the same, etc… Watch some tutorials the way to create a model or co-operative with someone. Learn how to create high-quality end Mock-up product.
The easiest way is to photoshoot your or your’s friend iPhone 7 with a nice camera. Read the Minimum Submission Requirements (preparation, editable layers, etc…) Be creative, make the right things and your items will be approved immediately without any rejections.
I wish you good luck and if you have more questions - Envato’s forum is the right place. :slight_smile:

Thanks GIF Creator,

I’m grateful to you and your suggestion. You are right and you solve my full 100% confusions about product mock up in graphicriver.net. Also, you have given me a easiest suggestion to make my product mock up items for sale in graphicriver.net by photo shooting me or my friend’s iPhone 7 picture along with high resolution.

And may you get me one more suggestion about license picture. How do I find or know license picture in online for buying. Whereas don’t break graphicrivers rules and regulation for product mockup.

If you want to buy a picture/photo with license, then you should buy from here https://photodune.net/
If you want to use photographies with Free CC License i prefer you to use https://pixabay.com/ and http://www.pixeden.com/. There are a lot of photos you can use to preview your products in graphicriver. But notice that you can not include them in the main .zip product that you are selling.

hi i recommend that u take the picture by yourself if u can do so , because le’s face it a stock picture will cost u such an incredible amount that u almost have no chance whatsoever to earn some money out of your item, except if u are sevenstyles (make hard selling items all teh time …) and call yourself a different way here lol