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Hey world!
I thought that I could do a little feedback project, because all these days I got hard rejection on these works and I could not find the problem source. I think I need to evolve more on the area, but first, can you guys give me some advice, that what should I change on the further works to be a better seller on Envato Market?
I will wait the responds and I am glady except heavy critics too!


Code pro and port box would both benefit from having more symmetrical layouts, they don’t look good in their current layout with those text positions etc. Also they are very basic concepts and probably would not get approved unless they looked really amazing. I’m afraid I don’t like anything about silver spear at all. I don’t know what those smaller spear or claw things are supposed to be, and I don’t like the text style with the outlines. I hope that helps anyway… :slight_smile:


The Toivo!
Well, i am a starter, and I don`t have a lot of experience in this area, i keep myself evolving to creat better works. I keep in mind your comment