Hard Rejected Logo Design- Whale Category

Hi everyone,
I am new to logo design and I am trying to get better at this. I have designed this simple logo and it got hard rejected. Can you provide any feedback, suggestions for improvements if possible on the logo in terms of color, typography, trends … etc.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, as I will use it to create better designs.


Any one cares to provide some pointers so I can improve my designs?!

@charlie4282 or @n2n44



I quite like it but I am not as technical as @n2n44 or @DesignSomething

Thanks @charlie4282. Then it might be some issues with typography I guess.

@n2n44 or @DesignSomething any more feedback if this can be refined and re submitted


I think the concept is overdone and the niche for potential customers is too narrow.

Ok thanks @DesignSomething :slight_smile:

hi I personally like it , however I tend to think as Designsomething as far as commercial potential goes, I think that this is maybe not super wild a niche … and otherwise, I tend to feel that there is too much of a discrepancy between the illustration part which is very subsequent and the text part , which looks quite small comparatively. The last thing that I would like to add is that it seems to me that the logo is not super adapted to a horizontal version indeed, I am particularly afraid of what the imbrication would be like if u had to create a horizontal version according to the shape that u have, the required alignment of elements and so on

Thanks @n2n44 awesome review and good pointers. Appreciated :grimacing: