Hard rejected logo again. Please review

I think the boat could definitely stand out more. The lines that make up the boat are much thinner than the background, and I think it should be either even or opposite, so that the boat stands out above the background.

The font choice could be better as well. The logo mark is very bold and rounded, so I think the font should go with the same idea. The tagline is also barely readable when everything is smaller, so perhaps you should make it slightly larger.

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hi i definitely agree with with what @XioxGraphix said … pls keep in mind what is the central element (the boat that should prevail over the rest , then …). to be honest with u what here looks good though but in black and white colors and i am not sure hat putting some colors is necessarily indispensable and in particular if u opt for colors that are not matching and wrong combinations of colors such as the ones u have used at this stage … think about complementary colors and color shades, this is a much better idea than combining more realistic colors but cold colors all the way offering no contrast or strange color combinations that seem a bit randomly chosen … the tagline is too thin and not in the right proportion, a bit too mall all the same so that u do not offer much readability , so what is the point to putt if people cannot read it … still in more or less the same subject , typo is an issue, this is globally a bit flat , lacking original touches , lacking variations and / or font combinations so that there is an impact on readability , relief and hierarchy or punchiness …

Thanks guys, @XioxGraphix and @n2n44, need to learn more about color combination

hi this is not difficult , search for complementary colors or otherwise , just thing about shades of the same color, these two are classics and synonymous with efficiency