Hard Rejected LMS Laravel Item

I received a hard rejection for my LMS item. Could anyone please suggest why it was rejected?

Demo link

The login credentials are provided below on the login page.

Note: I have used free admin template link is


All you have to do is read the licence for the dashboard you used to get your answer:

But I’m only guessing :wink:

I have used MIT License and not purchase commercial license.

License Freelance: **
You can’t:
*** Create a Template, UI Kit, Dashboard, Theme, or Plugin using the Item and make it available for sale or free. For example, You can’t purchase an HTML template, convert it to a WordPress theme and sell or give it to more than one client.

Please to read link by @123Simples

You need buy it and permission you have contact by author who he sell LMS for use LMS you sell.

Your link MD license of LMS was year 2017 ago but now change not can use license MD.