Hard Rejected LayersWp Child Theme

Hi firstly this is my first Project and i got hard rejected . This hard rejects arent good also they are not saying anything about the rejection or how to improve myself or feed the reviewer still don’t know .

theme has 15+ color options

  • Theme options can change title header backgrounds. and adds a banners to CPT, full width options disable options all included via customizer. Also i am using Jetpack features Testimonial - Food Menu - Portfolio

i need suggestions.

Theme demo is here http://sohi.sermedias.com/

Fundamentals like typography, spacing and hierarchy needs work throughout especially in titles and the menu page

Check your code’s validation as it looks like a ton of avoidable errors

Header top bar feels strange having address on second line and logo is very small


Thank you for fast reply i will try to fix them asap . if you have more suggestion about the theme i will be glad to hear . is that jetpack Post types will be a reason too ? or not ?

I’m not sure but I would have thought custom post types within the theme as opposed to replying on JP might be more sensible.

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Hey could you check it now i made some changes and corrections on the site.

ıf anyone can see something wrong or have a suggestion i am glad to hear them too .