Hard rejected last two logo feedback please


feedback please



and this please


thank you


feedback please


any feedback please


The concept of the first logo may not be accepted… blowing buildings is not something everyone appreciates. The second one looks ok, maybe you need to add more spacing between the characters of the titke and reduce font size a little bit. GR now days is very tough to crack unless you are lucky or an exceptional logo designer.


thank you for reply
but rejected again


In most cases, once they reject the logo they normally don’t accept again. Better try again with a new concept. Good luck


thank you for reply
I will try to continue the design, I started to get bored after more than 45 logos of my designs were rejected.


Keep trying. Keep your logos simple and easily resizable without losing resolution. Try to make them fit a square in size. Use appropriate typography with proper tracking/kerning (many use OpenSans) for thier logos. Use appropriate colors for the mood and message of the logo. Good luck.


thank you for this important information


Concept should be fine, just be clear it’s for demolition services. Main thing is these designs don’t look good enough yet.


yes you are right, thank you