Hard rejected. It's a bad job? Very poor quality?


Hard rejected. Why? Who will be responsible?


Green drone is nice, try to do a better presentation
Modular homes can be update a little, try to change fonts and do a better presentation


nonsense) depends on the mood and the subjective view of the reviewer)
fonts and presentation here does not play a role)


nonsense? -_-
logo font and the presentation does not play a role?
Are you sure you are a designer?


for the reviewer who takes work)


It’s definitely a case on forums to blame reviewers, not yourself. At least it’s super easy.


can criticize my work) I do not mind) My "Hard Reject" Gallery


remains the fact that you have not helped in any way @Chubaroff
even your attitude can’t help him


I agree) I just expressed my opinion) Mr. Chubaroff nobody here can not help, because they can not influence the decision of the reviewers)


free to think and do what you want, but for me you show a negative attitude on this topic


Why negative?) Where?
a statement of fact)
reviewers accept or not to accept work on his personal opinion) is only slightly dependent on the font or presentation
sorry my english)