Hard Rejected Item - need opinion and Help

Hello to everybody. I have a reject on this file: https://soundcloud.com/neocortex_x/driving-rock-guitar-breakbeat-royalty-free-music

Please,help me to find why. Waiting for your opinions,thanks!

I think the problem is in lack of good arrangement. Just guitars and drums. That would be okay for garage rock or blues probably, but this track has breakbeat (electronic) groove to it and feels somewhat empty. I would add various FX’es, synths, electronic drums on the background etc.to make it more interesting. Think early Junkie XL. Just my opinion, good luck!:slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment!

dry. Guitars are not laid down in the mix. MIDI sound and all the spoils. guitarist the same party always play differently.

Thank you!

Its a nice track, try to make it more impressive! When chords or/and melody are simple, you can win with great arrangement!

thanks you!

I don’t know what to say… I think it sounds awesome. My only suggestion is that it sounds like it’s a stem mix, and is missing the layers on top to add some variation and colour. Apart from that, great job, and sorry to hear you were rejected.

Already wrote to the people above: the dry track. the guitar is annoying. She screams “Listen to me, I’m in charge!” but really Cheap sound and rhythm. I’m not trying to humiliate you. This is for a better understanding of the problems of the track.

Thank you!

How did you identify Hard rejection?
It occurred to me but my email does not specify …

it came on my E mail