Hard Rejected Item Feedback

Hello guys,
usually I don’t ever complain of hard rejects, but this time I would like to have your opinion because I think this track sounds as good as my last approved one “Thoughs” does, moreover because both tracks are made with the same project.


Thank you in advance!

Hey H8!

I’m not at all well-versed in the ambient side of AudioJungle, but I figured sharing some thoughts on it couldn’t hurt.

Listening to your most recent track, ‘Thoughts’, and then comparing it to this one, there is definitely a difference in feel. ‘Thoughts’ certainly has a more ambient feel to it, at least to my ears.

I think the problem with this track that detracts from the ambience is the upfront, block electric piano chords. It’s a rather distinct sound, which makes the listener focus on it, which I believe is the opposite effect you want for ambient music.

Other than that I don’t really see any problems. As I said I have never listened to or produced ambient music so my ideas may not be totally applicable, but hopefully they help a little bit.

Good luck on future uploads!

Hello Seth! Thanks for the reply,
so you think that giving less presence to the piano chords and adding more reverb or another pad would work better and sound more ambient? I agree that the difference with “Thoughs” could be this, but I don’t think it was rejected only for this.

Any other opinions guys??

Hi! I think that main problem that it’s to repetitive / very long intro. Try to create more dinamical arrangement. Good luck!

Hi @LuckyBlackCat ! Thank you,
let’s see what I can do.

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Hey, very long intro, this is only one problem. Make fast version of track. And I think yo can add a little moving in your track with some not fat bass and very soft kick and some synthetic percussion (like tail of the clap). And I think you should to cut resonances in the high notes because it sound a little bit distorted. A few fixes and I think this track will be adopted! ( and it’s not necessarily to add bass and drums in your track, this is only my preference!

Regards, D-MUSIC Studio!

Hi @dmusicstudio, thank you for the exhaustive feedback.
I’ll keep it in mind for this track and next ones.
Thank you

your welcome!

Just if your corious, the modified and approved version of the track: