Hard Rejected Item, feedback would be appreciated-

Hi, I resubmitted this song but it got hard rejected. I don’t think I can improve it anymore, I spend hours trying to make it fine. Any suggestions?

Take care

Hey @avaudio -

Nice work on the production! I think you nailed the vibe. IMO, however, the vocal makes this less commercial and not as usable. The vocals also sit too far back in the mix and some words are unintelligible. Some intonation problems, too.

You might consider trying to submit with no vocals, and set up the arrangement in an A-A-B-A type pattern (no pre-chorus) and I bet it would get accepted as an Indie Rock instrumental…and a great one at that!

Good luck!


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Perhaps the problem in the arrangement,in some places you have the instruments conflict with each other… check out the guitars… the vocals effects, I could do less then it will move forward

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Thanks for the feedback, I will reupload an instrumental only version.