Hard rejected HTML

My HTML template was hard rejected, can you please suggest why?
Is it so bad?

Demo: http://jada.lv/healthcenter/index.html

Hi there:

Your typography, colors, padding and spacing need improvements, your themes is too basic for so rejected, your practice more for approved themeforest your sell themes regards.

Thank you for your response!
But I looked at your own html:

Sorry, but it is more basic one page html. In my html there is much more details, functionality. There is under pages like services, which is top page for clinics also doctors page, i know because i have worked with clinics many years.
If there is some flaw or something, then there should be soft reject, but comparing these 2 htmls i can’t see why one is accepted and other is HARD rejected. Same regarding spacing in these htmls.

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My html not wrong for so approved.
Your need fix your html like template html for themeforest, also you wait other author better explain you because I not speak very good english 100% regards.

This doesn’t matter. ThemeForest only accepts high-quality themes, regardless of how many pages or features. Your theme has very obvious errors with spacing and consistency, just like @JeriTeam said.

In fact, @JeriTeam’s theme has no problems at all with spacing, color, font, etc, and that’s exactly why it got accepted.

So, you can have 10 pages, or 500 pages, or even 15,000 pages. It won’t get accepted just for being useful. It will only get accepted if it looks good and up-to-date.

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You also need to check it on mobile - Some sections are cropped, images are stretched etc.

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Also would like to point out this amazing demonstration by @ThemeSLR yesterday which shows some examples of what we mean by spacing and padding problems:


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Thank you for your comments!
I see there is what to improve with spacing and etc but still it is very disappointing that they don’t allow to correct these things and resend project. It is possible to fix these issues, but there is hard reject and all work was thrown away easily.
I wish they could at least give opportunity to fix this.

I doubt it would be enough.

You can resubmit items assuming that you make substantial modifications and evolve the file enough.

The fact that it was hard rejected, means that there needs to be substantial upgrades and not just a few cosmetic fixes

Which is far worse design than yours. So I think your design doesn’t matter but has some web-standard and subtle behavior related problems.It is more basic one page html. In my html there is much more details, functionality.

Chandan Kumar