[Hard Rejected] HTML template hard rejected. Need advices…


Project demo: https://erikaivo.info/html/solange/home.html

I don’t understand why hard rejected? ;(

can any body help me to know why my HTML theme has rejected?

ps: its my first time I sent template via envato market


Typography is pretty weak.

ps: its my first time I sent template via envato market

Yeah, right.

Maybe try to use more creative username and completely different hosting domain when you try to act as a new user. It is not only dumb to think this will help you being approved, you are also breaking Envato rules.


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I already say to @JeriteamForester

but don’t listen to me, I think he doesn’t understand my English is not very good.

If @JeriteamForester is not your account then you should contact Envato about that.

Based on other info that account is in the Ukraine and associated with other accounts there.

@JeriTeam is this not you? Did you give them permission to convert your template? If so did you submit w ticket to envato and share the ID?

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No, this account is my friend skype your nick is Kasper live other country but I already permission he convert my psd to html.

Please can you find out ip are not same


Then your friend should use his own hosting, otherwise it feels a bit sketchy.

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Yes already use your hosting but removed your hosting because have problem hosting, change use my hosting.

before submit html already use your hosting my friend. but same was hard rejected.

Hosting is not the reason for the rejection. The reason for the rejection is not good enough quality of the item.

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Thank you so much, regards.

Does this mean bad HTML coding or bad CSS coding or bad сomments in the code or all together? And does that mean that site design is appropriate? Maybe there are not enough some CSS or JS effects?

Design is simply not good enough. Poor typography and spacing.

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