Hard rejected HTML landing-page

Welcome guys,
I uploaded my first website to ThemeForest. I tried as much as possible to make the website professional and free of errors, but it was hard-rejected, so I want suggestions to improve the quality of the website.
landing page link: see website
Things I did to make it a professional website:

  1. Activating contact form using PHP
  2. Allowing dark mode feature
  3. make detailed documentation to make it easy for customers to customize


You’re not going anywhere with that kind of product. Almost every modern design rule is broken on this template.

No hard feelings, but please take the time to browse recently approved templates, you’ll notice soon that they are at a stellar level.

You need more practice and more experience. Start working on real life projects with real customers and you’ll get there eventually.

TF is about design, not a php contact form.

Keep up working.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply I will try to see the newest products to gain some experience and try to make a professional design.

i think you need to improve the UI

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