Hard rejected High Quality WP themes for very small reasons - annoying!

Hi All,

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept items which are created from freely available assets or tutorials. Items submitted for sale may incorporate outside elements (with appropriate licensing) but must always have a unique concept not based on any existing items or sources.

Our demo : http://demo-ninetheme.com/giotto/

Our html partner has added a free gallery into their template and the html template has been approved for the html category. In the detail pages of this element, no url was provided for the gallery. After converting this template into wordpress with a best quality of coding by our team, we’ve uploaded it to envato for reviewing and we just received a ’ hard-rejection ’ by the envato review team, adding that ’ you can not re-upload this theme '. For what kind of reason the envato reviewers team can give a ’ hard-rejection ’ due to simple link issue, ignoring our all effort that we’ve spent in that time ? We’ve been getting mistakenly given ’ hard-rejection ’ and that is why we keep wasting of our time by going to envato help team. This costs us a lot that you can not imagine.

A thousand of jquery gallery or other plugins are used in all of the other themes and in none of these themes, copyright are reserved.

There is no any envato rule claiming that a wordpress theme can be given a ’ hard-rejection ’ because of a formerly used gallery on a frontpage. Besides, shouldn’t the envato reviewers let us know for such a notification ? In that case, we’d have made a couple of modification related to the design or we’d removed that element from the design of this theme.

Envato support can’t help, we are experiencing dramatic days.

We have to talk to an envato senior manager, waiting
Thank you!

I could suggest to contact Envato support but they won’t be providing any details/explanation due to it’s hard rejected item. On th other hand, the main reason could be the theme is not ready only for WordPress category due to high quality standards. At this point, I could suggest to create another theme with a different idea but you could add this version as an option - at this case, it won’t be a problem

PS: If you could’ve uploaded this item a year ago, it wouldn’t be a problem

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It is modern and minimal theme, as you see there is no important design and typography problems. There is a small reason : you can’t use a free gallery, so why? Why approved html version with this free gallery problem?

Do you think this theme is too bad to be approved? Thank you

Everything is changing at TF, WordPress category.I got your point but there’s nothing I can suggest. Try contacting support and maybe you will get some answers

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1/ Currently, your theme feels blank and unfinished. The content still needs to be more readable and improved.

More improvements in the following areas are needed:

  • Visual hierarchy.

  • Typography.

  • Forms and buttons.

  • More attention to details.

  • Better design consistency.

  • An overall spacing.

  • Color contrast and schemes.

Here are some resources for you:

2/ Don’t try to upload a hard-rejected item, try to improve all design, rename and upload the new item. That’s the key!

In my opinion, you should forget this design and try your best with the new design.

Good luck!