Hard Rejected! Help me improve

What should i change so i can get approved? thank you

Hi there,
Of all the logos, I think Atom Lab, Bicycle Path, and Bicycle Spot have great potential. The first and last one would make great app logos. Try experimenting with color to make them stand out. The typography in bicycle path can be adjusted to something a bit more unique.
Good luck with submission.


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thank you

Hi Josh,

Are there any specific rules for setting up Color Management Policies in Adobe Illustrator Color Settings?

I use “Europe General Purpose 2” with Working Spaces: RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK - Coated FOGRA27 (ICO 12647-2:2004).
Color Management Policies: RGB - Preserve Embedded Profiles and CMYK - Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles).

I use the correct settings?:face_with_monocle:

you were spot on with atom lab, it was accepted :smiley:

thank you


Congratulations. Sorry for the late reply. good luck with sales.


thank you :slight_smile:

hi i am happy for you but honestly if u ask me u are rather lucky … the logo is kind of cool and in my opinion the best of the whole set but honestly the typo part is kindof flat … when here they are normally very much considering typo …

honestly , otherwise, i think there is much to do for teh other ones to be accepted , in my view. I am sure that u have invested time and efforts into your logos but honestly they are not following quality standards at this stage , in my view. Globally u have a real issue when it comes to typo , most of the time this is flat or simple and the combinations and originality are lacking.

for there is a real problem with “tech hand” as regard to colors … the concept is quite interesting but i think the graphic part is not following

the gorilla one, sorry but as for me i do not see a gorilla here and not even a monkey indeed but at least u tried something a bit as regard to typo which is nice …

the atomic lab is globally really cool with a bit extra originality typo wise and a better contrast of color when of white background, it would be even better if u ask me

the bicycle path one is cute and there is harmony but this is still simple

for me the bicycle spot one is globally too flat all the way … the name and idea maybe ok but the way u materialized it is too flat , lacking originality and once again i am not sure that u have enough contrast for the tagline to be readable indeed

the last too ones looks much more like icons than logos , i guess they would better be a part of a set of icons, i really doubt that they could make it as logos …

thank you

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u are welcome :slight_smile:

After got rejected, It’s you just change the name and upload it again ? And accepted ?

i changed a little at design but it can barely be seen and the font

Thank you for your answer