[Hard Rejected] for the fourth time


Hi everybody, i resubmitted my HTML template for the fourth time and i get this message:
" MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category".
live preview


1.) Remove those silly inview animations from your skill set
2.) Work on your typography
3.) Try to come with something which haven’t already been done thousands of times

BTW, your link doesn’t always work. Sometime it throws "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
Hosting a template on a free hosting is a VERY bad idea. I understand that you maybe can’t afford it before you make any money from your template, but it is unlikely you will even make any money if your potential buyers won’t be able to see your demo. Right now you are far from being approved so purchasing a hosting would be waste of money. I would advise you to try to create a PSD template first, you won’t need a hosting for that.


first of all, i would like to thank you for your advices LSVRthemes . :slight_smile:
in fact i don’t really know what do u mean by typography ?


I that case, you should start with these articles:

With all due respect, trying to compete on this marketplace without even knowing what the typography is, is like trying to become a professional musician without knowing the notes. I mean it can happen, but you have to posses some extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, your design shows that it’s not really the case here. Which means that you have to learn and practice and learn and practice and repeat to improve your skills. Good luck.


thank you once again :slight_smile:


Do not try to fix hard reject item. Sell it in other store and make new for this. It’s waste of time.

ps. typography ( font ) is terrible.


You need to work on the typography