Hard rejected for AE Logo sting

This dark humor from Envato reviewers? Who can explain to me this joke?
It is very sad… but my Red carpet will lay on other markets. What’s wrong? Maybe I missed something? I am sure that your assessment will be objective. Thanks, guys, for your comments!

Right off the bat it starts too abruptly. There should be some sort of transition where the audience is revealed, also i think the zoom in should be way faster and and you can slightly tilt the camera to create some interesting motions. The spotlights don’t really feel like they have “volume” they just look like a bunch of masked out 2d planes.

Anyway it’s not bad man the audience looks good, like i said if you zoom in faster and make the hallway longer and add some nice motion blur to everything and tilt the camera a bit , making everything more dynamic.

I’d even go as far as adding a couple of nice sparkley streaks of particles maybe (that could be too far, but it would add a lil bit of flavour to the project)

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Thank you, Voxyde. Good advice, maybe you’re right. But I am sure that project would have been very competitive in the category Logo Stings - Cartoons. Unfortunately - Hard rejected(

Seriously, why would the reviewers approve this while there are templates like this one but way too much better than this (I’m sorry to say this)?
Take a look at these [similar templates][1] and compare them with yours from quality side.
Good luck with your next submission!
P.S this reply was supposed to be posted more than 1 hour ago, I visited this thread again and I found that my reply wasn’t posted and the composer showed my drafts, weird!
[1]: http://videohive.net/search?category=after-effects-project-files&term=red+carpet&utf8=✓

Thank you, OsamaSayegh! This is all wonderful projects! But there is only 3D renders… I work exclusively in the genre of 2D animation and Cartoon. It is absolutely different genres and styles, and they should not be compared. 2d animation does not have such volume and reflexes like 3d (no wonder that the it is 2D). But you are right, this Arts is very fine. Looking at them, I realize that the I spared on decorations, gold, velvet and spotlights)

I noticed that, that is why I said compare it from quality side, think as this template wasn’t yours and judge, would you consider it as a premium template? if you couldn’t, ask for a judgment from someone else around you.
Your idea is unique as it comes in a 2D template, that could cover some weak points but not multiple large weaks point.
IMO, here is a couple of weak points in your template:
1) Claps animation. that animation could be improved A LOT
2) Characters and lack of shadows. you should add depth to your scene by adding shadows, for example: at the bottom left side there’s a messy shape caused by people legs.

3) At the beginning (before logo revealing) there’s a huge empty black area. You could replace it with buildings , a corridor, or a curtain. (if a curtain you could make it closed at the beginning then… etc).

4) Spotlights, they don’t make any sense

5) Very big logo at the end. it takes almost half of the frame height (approximately 3.7/8)

I hope that helps and I’m sorry if my replies were too harsh for you.
Good luck!


I do a lot with what disagree.
Yes. Empty black area at the beginning is realy omission.
As I wrote above, would not prevent decorations, gold, velvet and spotlights)
But, sorry, your others “harsh replies” is about nothing…
(proportion Logo 3.7/8) well and that from this??? The size of the logo in the composition is affects the perception, so it is not necessary to put a stamp on a single standard!
Logo less than one third of the frame will be look elegant and more aesthetic. Increased logo will be more cumbersome and representative.
I chose the second option here, and it cannot be a plus or a minus.
Also, it is template, and the logo in the frame can be of any size, there may even be a text or video on the entire frame.

Are you watch on the animation as on brochure for printing?)))
Adding a shadow and improve A LOT animation… this is complete nonsense.
There are no main characters to which must be at the focus.
There is only animation of the crowd, which fills the space.
There is absolutely correct animation of crowd.
The adding of shadows and improve animation, is only an approximation to detail and realism, and it cannot be a plus or a minus.
I could make a style the characters even simpler, and make the animation even easier, and this is not good and not bad, it’s only another level of realism.
In such camera foreshortening, draw the detail for every character (for example adding shadows) this is unjustified.
Objects that do not have an accent in the animation is not require detailed work in order to save time.
This is not a minus, it’s production standards.

Stick a building in the back… maybe a cinema entrance, theatre, nightclub etc. Or all three and let the buyer decide which to use. The doors can open as the camera starts to move, flash-lights start going off and then the logo is revealed through the doors. Then you’re adding a bit more action, you’ve got rid of the black space etc etc.

What voxyde said as well though. And I agree with the logo being far too big. Apart from that it’s pretty unique and well done. Rock and roll.

Thank you, SpaceStockFootage. Good advice!

In Motion graphics are now popular small logo. In Cartoon animation a large logo it is trending) Probably influenced Merrie Melody and Warner Bross)))

@OsamaSayegh gives you very, very valuable feedback and takes the trouble to line out everything that could be improved in your item. I totally agree with all his points and they will hugely improve the quality of this currently lacking item. The idea for your item is good only it lacks in a couple of ways. You can either improve the animation quality of the people moving about or you could zoom in the camera quicker so their somewhat floaty movements are not visible in that short amount of time. If you want to improve the animation of the people, just make sure their hands and heads are NOT moving in loops and don’t use these extreme eases like they do now, it makes the entire thing feel unnatural.

One more thing… You come here to ask for feedback yet you disregard such valuable and extensive feedback like that or you disagree with it? Instead of coming up with reasons for not to improve your animation, you should consider diving back into your project and improve on those things that @OsamaSayegh so kindly pointed out for you. This is where you can learn, this is an opportunity to get better!

Do you want your item to get approved or not? I’m starting to think you want it to get approved without actually improving something. Well I tell you what, it simply doesn’t work that way :slight_smile: It’s never been easy to create quality work. It’s actually really hard. But the harder you work, the better you get at making items :wink: Good luck.


Thank you, motionvids. Sorry, if that… I agree with everything staging of the shooting, defect decorations, etc. … But I will never agree with the unsuccessful animation crowd))) Do not take offense at me for it)
One animated video I can to make for couple of days, or a month with absolute realism. These “moments” are not errors in my work. In 2D animation, always need to look for compromises and to ignore imperceptible things, for facilitating the work.

Thank you very much @motionvids for supporting me, I really appreciate that :hearts:.
@FlicFlac, I say above that those points are my opinion, so you could disagree with me, and I would understand that.
All the best and thank you!

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OsamaSayegh thanks for your opinion and I am sorry that started controversy)