Hard rejected footage, feedback & discussion about item usage.

Hello fellow authors, I’d like to discuss my rejected product. I know its a general response but I am really confused about this part;

" When you create motion graphics you need to create something that either uses advanced techniques, something that is time consuming to make and would save a lot of time for the buyer or something that uses advanced visual effects that makes even simple things look outstanding."

Well, it took some time. At least RnD part when I made this setup for the first time.

I know its look dull, I know you can’t use it as is. But there was time I need something like this in my own projects. I would probably buy this video if it was available before. You can use it with puppet tool to composit on a real tree. or you can change color to red and you have veins. When I design project my thought process is like; what was I needed back then on “x” project, and I try to do that.

I know it will be utilized by at least 1 person, or am I thinking wrong about that? I’d like to hear your opinions.

Here is the item;

Here is the single frame from render in full quaility so you can judge.