Hard Rejected Flute Track

Dear Authors, I’m here to ask for your help again. I’d love to hear any feedback from experienced authors!

Here’s the track: https://soundcloud.com/insidetheboxsounds/childrens-flute-recital-short-version053


Can’t deny - this music makes me smile, I love it :grin:
As for the sound - everything feels too close and uncompressed. But I have to warn you - even if you make this track neat and spacious, it is still the type of music that probably will be rejected, just because stylistically it doesn’t match AudioJungle. But who knows.
For me it is so cool, I’m listening to it right now :grin:

I wouldn’t call it a flute track. Just chlidrens’s. And what @NeelleeStenat says, it’s too close. The lows are too strong too. Make it more spacious an with some more reverb. But even then I don’t know whether it gets accepted. Just try to make it perfect with not too much effort and then go to the next track. Good luck!

Imho the flute sounds a bit out of tune. There are also some panning issues as well as bad mixing and overall weak composition.

Very interesting track! :slight_smile:
I like it very much!

Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so grateful! Love the fact you like it! It has been so fun composing it! :laughing:

Thank you fishsound, I’m gonna spend a few hours on it to learn the mistakes I made, and I’ll go on with another one!

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Thank you Audioland.

The flute is slightly out of tune because of its nature, especially when trying to simulate a child playing it. Would you define panning an issue? Cause all I wanted to do was to move to their place every instrument, kinda simulating a classroom.
About the “weak” composition and bad mixing, I thank you 'cause even if it’s hard to swallow, criticism are always helpful. By the way lots of good selling (and even some best seller) tracks are poorly mixed and composed, so I’m constantly wondering how AJ reviewers decide what is good and what could never be on their site. Rules? No rules, just a bunch of generic as well as useless tips.

It’s kinda a sort of hazard game loading a track:

  • Wait 14 days;
  • If you get rejection you don’t know why.

A lot of authors are available to help and it’s a wonderful, incredibly wonderful thing. But with what criteria do they help? Nobody here seems to know the true criteria enough not to receive a rejection. It is so frustrating.

Grazie toyoken :hugs:

Thank you toyoken :hugs:

I absolutely agree with you!
There are a lot o very amazing tracks, but I’ve found also a lot of “weird” music (in terms of mix, arrangement, instruments, melody…). So I was wondering how are tracks accepted/rejected.

Well, again, I agree with you: I don’t think anyone know!
And, in my opinion, it’s not about “it’s a bit harsh there” or “at 2:31 frequency 561Hz should be attenuated” or “at 1:53 kick is out of 3ms”.
It’s like you said: no rules.
Just fortune (or reference?)

But, apart from all the necessary efforts and wasting time, this is the market: AJ’s house, AJ’s rules.

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ABSOLUTELY. It wasn’t meant to be a complaint or a disrespect for audiojungle. Just a comment from a bewildered person. :sweat_smile:

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Buona fortuna per le prossime! :smile: Speriamo di essere più fortunati…