Hard rejected element 3d project

Hello everybody;
My After Effects project submission was hard rejected.
This is the link to the preview video of my project:

The project requires element 3d plugin.
I wonder why it was rejected. May be you can see what i can not see.
I really appreciate your feedback and your opinions.
Thanks for your help.

Hi. I guess the reason for rejecton is that the ball doesn´t do anything about animation. Just rotating and changing the texture map of the ball is not enough. You have to think that maybe customers need the ball moving or doing something on a football background or interacting with something so they have to make some changes and that´s it. But the way you offer the project means that customer has to place ball somewhere on his own and animate it more than just a rotation.
Good Luck!:+1:


Thank you GoForMotion for your advice. When developing the project, I was thinking about a stadium environment, grass etc and a scene with a ball movement and may be some text next to it. But I decided to make it clear and make a tool for users. They can hide background and use their own material.But I guess reviewers doesn’t think so.
Thank you for your opinions.

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hi, do you know where i can find 3d field soccer and stadium, from door to the center of field ?

like this, but in 3D

perfect should be that: https://youtu.be/pFULeG9eE_I

sorry for my english
im italian

You can search in 3d ocean site.
Like this:

I like the ball and how you done it for E3D. I think it’s fine as element for some bigger and more complicated projects!

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