Hard rejected. electronic

The mockery continues…

In which category did you place this track?

I don’t remember 15 days.

either electronic or glitch.

Maybe that was the problem… I think it should go in experimental/abstract. But wait for the other authors to give their opinion.

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If the category would be the problem for hard rejection, what does this track i found days ago in Atmosphere/Soundscape¿?
And i am not talking about quality of the track, just the category.
Really strange for me.

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I don’t think there is a separate reviewer for each style of music.

'm just not allowed to work.)

Absolutely dead?

I like this track, I definitely would place it in the experimental/abstract category. Not sure why its rejected, maybe the “x files” ish synth sound at 0:34 could be better with another synth sound thats less mysterious. Anyways, a cool track with some really cool elements, keep it up!

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Well, if no one knows the reason for the rejection then I’ll change the tune and try to send the track again.
Thanks for your help.

Don’t put yourself down, it’s not that bad a track.

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