Hard Rejected due to XSS errors unrelated to my module.

I submitted a slideshow module for Drupal 9. However, after 2 soft rejections, I got the message “Hard Rejected”.
However, Envato Staff only tested XSS on Drupal’s NODE, not on my module. Although, I use the latest version of Drupal which is 9.3.x
I think that testing XSS errors on Drupal’s NODE is not objective, because it is not related to my module. Is there any way I can submit the module again???
Here is my Demo: Welcome to Navid Slider Demo | Navid Slider Demo


I suggest to create a new ticket before re-submitting the item as it’s.
You can explain the situation to the reviewer ( It will take around 2 weeks or longer ) then you could get some ideas how to proceed. Do not re-submit the item as it is now.