Hard rejected Doctor E-Newsletter

Doctor E-Newsletter (width 900px)
Demo - http://s28.postimg.org/oeqh6aat9/Doctor_E_Newsletter.jpg
Plz advice me


Yes, main graphic is blurry, as well as a smaller part of the main doctor image.

Looks like you enlarged a file image, (never enlarge, unless it is supposed to be blurry, then it is probably ok)?

Apart from that overall design is a bit basic, and design defiantly has a 1955 type feel. Not sure if that works with cutting edge medical treatments?

But, yeah, Never Enlarge; that is a sure ticket to it ending up in the bin.

Good luck. :sunglasses:

I think you have potential but you must use guides and pay attention to padding and margins. right now, looks like it only took you a few minutes to elaborate this design. think about it, would you pay for something that looks like it was done with not enough attention to details?

Thanks ,
I will fix my error as your advice and remember this.
Is ther any typography problem ? If you want I can upload it to redpen for better view.

No, text seems ok, but don’t put italic and straight together, risky!

And get rid of the social media icons, not allowed in flyers, so most likely not allowed elsewhere!


No, social icon allowed in web e - newsleter see here http://graphicriver.net/item/corporate-newsletter/12501463
I have used http://fontawesome.io/cheatsheet/ .


Ok, l was surprised that they allow them in newletters, since they definitely don’t allow them in flyers!

I guess it is ok then? :sunglasses:

Yes they don’t allow in flyer that is absolutely right.

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