Hard rejected, could someone please help?


Hello everyone,

I haven’t yet gotten anything accepted to AudioJungle, but I particularly wanted to understand, why this track got rejected?

The comment was as follows:

"After some consideration it has been decided that this submission does not meet our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "

I will be thankful for any input! :slight_smile:


You can make something in positive mood. It’s better for sale. Hope it help you.


In my view : you need a motif melody, a define theme, not just play the chord , add some background string for more interesting, make your track longer…Maybe it help for approve


Just non-commercial melody , try writhe something new )


Ok thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:


Have to agree with other guys, seems nice, but i just struggle to imagine where i can meet it in some videos or commercials, try to watch some stuff with your songs playing on a background it really helps.