Hard rejected backgrounds


Please, give me advice!

300 dpi

What’s wrong with quality?

hi i globally like these items though i assume that some are more interesting than some other indeed … for me the first ones are really good and aesthetics but the very blurry ones show less interest indeed not to mention that colors are less harmonious and for that matter i tend to believe that they would have had less commercial potential too …

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Thank you! Will try to improve my works.

some are looking very good right now , i think u need to work on homogeneity and trying to select only the very best and those who have the best commercial potential …

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I suppose best harmonic colors have the first blurs. Less or similar colors = more harmony.

I have to take time to look in the same market to see what is trendy. I admit I never did it because I don’t have much free time.

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hi indeed this is clearly a good idea … though , let’s face it , this is not a guaranty either … i guess the best thing for u to do is to analyze it , try to inspire from this to understand the market and get to know how to do your own thing that may work … part of the problem is one that u cannot do anything about , this is that all markets are way more saturated than in the past , with many guys in town and a loot of items too …

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