Hard rejected, any advice?


In the last times it’s very hard to upload something to AJ. Sometimes I can understand that my item it’s not top quality, but sometimes it’s more difficult for me to distinguish it.
In this track, anyone could give me any advice in order to improve my skills?
Thanks in advance, this forum has always been a great information point for me :wink:


There are definitely some interesting things happening there but it is a little too scattered for commercial use in my opinion. For more orchestral pieces like this I find it is best to think of it in movements and for these audiojungle tracks I would keep it simple, maybe around 3 solid sections(movements). Also dynamics can help build and release tension a lot. Last thing, once you organize it a bit more see if there is anything you can cut out first before adding anything new. Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot! I’m going to follow your tip and to try to keep a simpler structure in my new projects. I suppose there is a lack in tension continuity in my tracks. Thanks!!