Hard Rejected Angular + bootstrap Template, need Feedback

I had a hard reject for Cams - Landing Page Template

Link : http://cams.ashokprajapati.com/

what have quality standard for ThemeForest?

can you please give me some suggestions.

I would say that its way too simple, you can get much better designs for free…those colors, icons, typography, spacing and else is pretty much 2008

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i have updated design can you please give me feedback

Still not enough, this needs a total redesign. Fundamentals and consistency are not there yet Iam afraid. Plus there are some basic responsive issues. See the screenshots :

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thanks you for your comment, i will never stop, i do hard and change as need

anyone review and give me feedback for this


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Your themes is very better :slight_smile:

Thanks, but its Hard Rejected

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If you themes hard rejected don’t can resubmit again.

You need make new html and upload, maybe approved,

Good Luvk.


In this case i need to create new html with new theme name?

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As you want name theme :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will Create new html and try it

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