Hard Rejected all of them

What can I do more with my work?


hi basically u need to have more work as regard to typography and to make sure that combinations are harmonious and also introduce a bit of originality as well. U also need to try to pay attention to make color combination which turn ot to be harmonious …

Thank you. I will try my best…

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take your time, put the required effort in what u do and make sure that u offer both something original and pro and no doubt that things will go through reviewing and be accepted :slight_smile:

I am getting hope from your comment. Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

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u should never lose it no matter what happens and same goes with faith in yourself … as for me more than 16 years ago no one was willing to give a chance , now i am working in an agency for almost 15 years and in time considerably develop myself and my skills, i am the very demonstration that anyone can be a good designer with a super hard and dedicated work …

Right now, I am trying to do at least one unique design for graphicriver everyday. Hope they will recognize my potentials.

i think this is no use … i mean u need to try as much time as required so that u can make sure that u can come up with a great thing that there is no way they can reject … we all (at least almost lol) had to raise the standards progressively , u have to focus on quality, not quantity :slight_smile:

ok, thank you for broadening my outlook to the marketplace…

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u are welcome