Hard Rejected Again.....



I have Submitted a collection of Mandala Tattoos. And I thought this is something unique I am submitting as they don’t have any or I think just one they have in their tattoos collection. But they hard rejected it in just around 15 minutes when I uploaded.
Of-course, didn’t provide any feedback as it was hard rejected !.. :unamused:

Is there anyone can provide some feedback or comment on this work…?
I will be thankful…


I think originality is important to the reviewers. There are already 602 items for sale under the keyword “Mandala”. You should ask yourself what sets your file apart from the other 602 mandala items for sale on graphic river. What can you do to add value to the project to make it appeal to buyers over your competition? Maybe offer more Mandalas in your collection. Maybe offer them in color. Maybe offer more than four designs. Also all four of your designs use the same center circle motif so maybe change some of them.

I think they look great. Very detailed! Don’t be discouraged. I think if you go back and add some features to the file, make the designs a little more varied, then you will have a winner on your hands.


Okay…Got it !!..Thanks a lot for your feedback. Really worthful… :blush: :+1: