Hard rejected again (with no explanation)

I had submitted tracks to Audiojungle in the summer of 2019 and all my submissions were hard rejected…at the time it left me dejected and questioning WHY my songs were rejected…The reviewers at Envato were courteous enough to at least give me a brief explanation as to why my submissions were rejected. The explanation was due to quality of the production. This made me take a look back and realize my songs were indeed not up to commercial standard quality.

This encouraged me to dedicate the following 2 years of my life to learning how to be a better audio engineer/mixer with the goal of remixing all of my music and putting it back out there. I did just that and now I feel my songs are up to quality and can stand side by side with the music found on AudioJungle

…yet I got rejected AGAIN…this time with NO explanation. So I come to you fine people to get some insight on why they could have rejected my songs yet again after spending so much time and energy trying to improve my skills. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit discouraged.

Have a listen for yourselves and compare both versions of the songs (the original submission from 2019 and the remixed submission from 2021):

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Hi Mykey,

The guitars sound OK, but the drums are somewhat robotic/artificial. Did you play them live, or program them in the DAW?

I programmed them in my DAW

Next time try adding some variation. Listen to some real drummers - they never repeat a phrase the same exact way. There are always slight differences in the dynamics, groove, feel.

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Thanks for your feedback. Actually, for the song ‘Safe Travels’ I used my DAWs built in auto drummer to come up with the beat for the song so I didn’t actually program that one. I suppose my thought processing for the drum sequences for many of my tracks was since the intent is for it to be production music was to not get too complex with the drumming patterns, but it terms of the varying velocities and making sure the drums aren’t 100% quantized, I did make sure to pay attention to that.

Anyway, I do appreciate your feedback and hopefully I can finally break through with some future submissions!

Think like your customer. Your track for sure shows your very good skills of playing guitar. But I don’t know in what kind of project it could be used. Therefore you need to start thinking like potential buyer of your tracks. Imagine project it could be used. Write it down and then start creating your track.

I actually like the song and can work with it on my project. I listen to it and struggling to understand why it’s rejected. Any way, did you try submitting on other market place? Maybe u try that

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Thank you, I appreciate that! I can’t figure out why they got rejected either.

These songs are actually on other market places.

Hey!!! I have already been rejected 85 tracks, it seems to me that they just put me on automatic rejection. Try to upload your tracks to other site, there are good guys, they are more loyal to the authors, they are happy to comunicase and give advice on how to increase sales. Good luck to you.

85 Tracks? Really? Wow, Really?


Wow unreal. I actually just had 2 more tracks rejected. I don’t understand how this ‘screening process’ works

Can you post soundcloud links? Maybe we can provide some valuable feedback.

Getting your tracks approved on AJ is not a trivial task, unlike on some other marketpaces.

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I just updated the playlist with the two newer submissions. They are titled “Back Alley” and “Mercy”

The tracks aren’t bad, but they’re not really “background music” which is what this site is looking for. Too many solos and too much creativity. Listen to whats selling on this platform and ask yourself is any of it unique or creative? Does any of it sound like the examples you posted here?

You definitely got a lot better at mixing from 2019 to 2021 so that’s good, but the tracks still are not really suitable for the background to any kind of visual content. My advice would be to listen to examples on the platform that are selling well and try to get closer to those references (without copying of course). If you compare directly with tracks on the platform you will notice significant differences between the reference track and what you have here.


Thank you for your in depth response! I appreciate the feedback, critique, and compliments along the way!

Hahaha, I never thought being too creative would work against me, but I guess that’s just how I write lol

Yeah, listening to Back Alley and Mercy, I have to agree with the reviewers. You have to work on your tracks much harder, if you want them to be approved here. In this state, there’s just not enough commercial value in them to be on this marketplace.

May I ask more specifically why you say that, though? I tried to follow a consistent pattern and vibe with my songs with enough variation to keep them from getting stale, but not too drastic of a change within the songs to deter the listener. Like Mercy, for example, the structure is verse/chorus/verse/chorus but I have a violin for the opening lead instrument then it switches to lead guitar.

I’m just having trouble understanding why there’s no commercial value in these songs when I composed them with that exact intent. I even created alternate versions of each that omit many of the lead instruments in case the listener wanted a more ‘watered down’ version.

The violin in Mercy sounds very artificial. That alone, to me, would be a reason enough for rejection. On top of that there are some weird chromatic notes in the melody. Stick to mostly diatonic melodic lines.

Take the time to listen to some of the best-sellers on AJ for inspiration. The reviewers here are picky and only chose the finest tracks for the market.

Don’t give up and best of luck!

I found myself in a similar situation. At first everything was fine - the tracks were accepted and they were sold. But for 5 months in a row not a single track has been accepted, constantly hard refusals. How can this be? I have not changed the quality, what has changed in the check? The oxygen was completely shut off! There is no friendly support. You will always be answered that you are bad, and AJ is good and fair. You will always be answered, see examples of tracks that are on sale. Yes, I agree, a lot of tracks are really high quality and they are on sale, but there are thousands of tracks of very low quality and they have been tested, they are in the catalog. The reviewers closed their eyes and ears. Where is the logic ? Don’t look for logic here, it’s not here! Here is a lottery, someone is lucky, but someone is not.
"The reviewers here are picky and only chose the finest tracks for the market" - this phrase makes you smile!