Hard rejected again - logo this time

Hello! I have like 7-8(or maybe more, I stopped counting) rejections on various files.
My latest logo got also hard rejected but i really like the idea… can someone offer me some tips on… increasing the quality or something?

Thank you in advance for your help, looking forward to some tips and help. :grinning:


The text used for submitting:
Two Apples Logo

A logo that is made of two apples: one green and one red apple. The square-like apples are separated by a ultramodern graph line with dots. This logo goes awesome with an app or a company, and it can be used in a lot of industries.

The logo features:
-unique idea;
-.EPS v10 format;
-CMYK 100% resizable vector;
-Layered for ease of use;
-Easy change colour and text;
-Ability to easy remove glossy parts(they are on a separate layer);

Very simple ,typography not good … logotype must be perfect designed, there are not to many peoples that can create logotypes in my opinion.

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Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated :smile:

Maybe try to create a real apple shape and use another more suitable font

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hi, as for what i see from the link that u gave us, indeed, u have a while lot of issues to deal with, first of all , u have a matter of coherence between the name and the logo, as for me i unfortunately cannot see it … . After that, unless we take the name into account , this is difficult to get to know that we have to deal with an apple indeed … . After that, u have sort of market / stock idea vehiculated by your logo at this time and this is both something that u can see in your logo and name, and also this brings u in the wrong direction concept wise in my view … . Let’s face it , in most cases, people will rather look for rather dull / serious / classic concept and design for this type of activity and in your case, this is absolutely not what u are offering at this time. So , in the first place , u have a huge concept issue to settle.

Afterwards , as for most of rejections, the typo is a bit too flat and too “common” or plain and this will be difficult for u to get through reviewing in such a condition indeed.

I also know that some guys will also tend to consider this as kind of trendy , but as for me , i think that u stopped middle way and did not bring enough details, enough effect, colors and whatever else so that the logo look very attractive and the kind of shape that u have at this time is basically too simple for u to expect either offering a trendy or very corporate (and a bit flat) type of logo, more originality will be required for you to make it here in a such crowded category , to say the least …

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Good points dude. Thanks a lot for the ideas and your feedback! :blush:
I have a lot of things to work on :smile:

Will do! Thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling:

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