Hard Rejected again and again...

Dear authors I need you help to understand what am I doing wrong… Previously I uploaded tracks that were bad quality and much more simple and weak, but they have been accepted them. After 5-6 years of non activity I returned with better quality and I’m still working on my mixes and arrangement. I tried to upload new tracks but all of them were rejected. I know that something could be wrong. Just need your opinion about them.

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Hey there!

Corporate tracks are very difficult to get approved from what I can tell, and they have to be super high quality to get through just because there is such a high saturation of them on the site. That might be the reason for the rejection on “Once I Had A Dream.”

I think your rock songs sound good to me mixing-wise, but I am not an expert. I think the main thing would be to focus on the arrangement and make sure that the tracks don’t get repetitive. I would recommend maybe having a bridge or a “B” section of the song so that it is not the same melody all the way through. Just my thoughts though, and hopefully some other authors can add some feedback as well.

It is always frustrating getting rejections, but we can learn from them and help make our music even better!

Hope this helped, and best of luck!

Thank you for your opinion. Definitely I think that corporate tracks are most common type of music for the site. But I didn’t think that is too hard to get approve… I’ll wait another feedbacks…